Sunday, October 23, 2011

At Long Last, Tokyo!

Traveling is always particularly difficult for me, as I have to bring the koto (encased in almost 15 kilos of padding). And, while my numerous suitcases can be sent by takkyubin, the koto cannot.
Sooo, here's to riding the Tokyo metro carrying a 2 meter koto case, after a 14 hour flight, and the long walk to my cheap hotel.

Which is very, very cheap, and thus very,very small and... well, has seen better days. The New Koyo Hotel is probably okay for backpackers who just want a place to crash, and don't mind rundown (if relatively clean) rooms. The Aizuya Inn (which is one train stop away, and quite cute) is probably a better bet for the more discerning budget-conscious traveller, but such is life. For ¥2300 a night, one shouldn't complain... especially since I will be living in the total opposite very soon!

Off towards the Kanagawa end of the Toyoko line I found a brand new sharehouse on top of a hill, which brought back memories of Kobe. The owner decided that the only fair way to divide up the rooms was by drawing lots.

I was sweating bullets, since I can only afford two of the rooms available... and uncharacteristically drew 2nd choice, and got my top choice!

The Toyoko and Keio Inokashira lines have always attracted me, with cool places like Jiyugaoka to ramble around... which brings us to the regret of the day.

Why, oh why did I not give the super cute, friendly, tall guy at the Jiyugaoka Tokyu Hands my phone number?! Why do I go all shy at the worst possible moment?!

I'll have better photos once I find an adapter for the camera charger... maybe they sell them at the Jiyugaoka Hands?