Friday, April 25, 2014

T's Tantan: Vegan Ramen in Tokyo Station

After much anticipation, I finally managed to drag myself and a couple friends to Tokyo Station, to try out the famous T's Tantan.

Having already dined at their excellent main restaurant in Jiyugaoka, I had high expectations for the ramen, and they did not disappoint!

I got the basic set of tantanmen (noodles with minced 'meat') and a small jyajya don (spiced eggplant rice bowl). The ramen has deeply flavourful, with just enough oil to give the full experience without being overly heavy. Perfection.

They have a series of other ramen styles, including a shoyu-based one with vegetarian chashu (on my list for next time) as well as their phenomenal vegetarian friend 'chicken' (it sells out fast, so may be gone by the dinner hour).

The shop is inside of Tokyo station, near the Keikyu line. It is right behind one of the omiyage areas, so can be a bit tricky to find, but is completely worth the search (and the entrance ticket you need to buy to get into the station!)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sakura Saturday in Shakujikoen

Yoyogi, Ueno and Nakameguro's sakura may be beautiful, but the crowds that come with them are not. Sitting on a tiny, crowded bit of plastic sheet, getting bumped into by drunken students and eating karage is not really my style.

So, as has now become tradition, I go in search of parks a bit out of the way, to enjoy the pink blossoms in peace.
This year's destination was Shakujikoen, all the way out in Nerima. The area around the station was already charming, with lots of little stores providing handmade genmai onigiri and other tasty things.

Although not all the sakura were out in force yet (as being away from the center of Tokyo means that it is a bit chillier), it was an excellent choice. Near the park there are a series of yashiki (fancy smancy homes), made even more beautiful by the flowers blooming around them.
Shakujikoen includes some protected marsh area, and several small shrines. While it was obviously not empty, there was no lack of seating. Matcha-kun and I found a lovely tree near the lake, and listened to a decent amateur violinist play Ghibli songs.
I hope you got a chance to enjoy the sakura before the rain! Next up will be ajisai time!