Monday, October 14, 2013

We Interrupt This Programme

My apologies for the lack of updates and pictures of delightful food. Right at the moment I am focusing on issues within the world of work and thinking of THE FUTURE (dun dun DUN!).
But seriously, as this goal involves the time, effort and kindness of a lot of other people, I firmly believe in focusing on it with all my (considerable) determination.*

Once out of the woods I will be back with regular awesomeness about Tokyo and environs. In the meanwhile, as stress relief on trains and a way to boost my social media skills, you can find me doodling about on this page:

*NB: THE FUTURE in no way means a wedding or other such fluff. Just FYI.**

** NBB: Not that there is anything wrong with weddings (or fluffyness), just not Ms. Godzilla's cup of matcha.***

***NBBB: Asterisks are so awesome!