Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sharing the Fun: Sharehouse Life

I received a post request about living in a sharehouse in Japan. Usually I overlook requests, as this is a space that allows me to write and think about exactly what I want... however, this may be helpful to others in Japan or those seeking to move to the city, so here goes.


  • The rent can be much cheaper than living alone, although in fancier areas (Ebisu, Omotesando, Roppongi etc..) there may not be that much of a difference.
  • There is usually someone to talk with/ watch bad TV with/eat with/ ask for help with ridiculously complicated documents.
  • As long as you get along with your sharemates, there will be parties and house-dinners. We throw a  little party for each resident's birthday!
  • You get to meet new people, and learn new things.
  • You get to have a large bathroom and living room, so it doesn't feel cramped like the rabbit-hutch apartments so prevalent in this country.
  • In our case we have a nice large garden, and the entrance is also planted with glorious flowers and vegetables, which is really lovely.
  • Especially in the winter, utilities can be a bit more expensive (but this depends on the size of the house, and attitudes of your sharemates).
  • Privacy can be an issue, although having your own rooms helps a lot.
  • Sometimes it can get a bit noisy... in many senses of the word (walls here are pretty thin, hehe).
  • Sharing a kitchen means that sometimes it will be rather messy, which drives me up the wall.
  • You have to schedule cleaning responsibilities, if not the house will become a mess. Each week one of us is in charge of cleaning everything, and it works fine.
  • Sometimes you will have to wait to use the bath/shower.
Personally, I think it is worth it. The possibility of living in a brand new house, with ample space and a social atmosphere is really great, and makes up for the occasional annoyances. Make sure you visit first, and meet the other people who live there!

Below are a few links I used when searching for a sharehouse or roomshare:
On that note, recently the four ladies of my sharehouse (yes, I am included in that definition) decided to go for a blow-out brunch at the Park Hyatt Shinjuku's famous New York Grill. They have a very classy self-serve brunch at the weekends, with a main course you choose off the menu. While rather pricy at 7200 yen, the service, food quality and view are completely worth it!

  I mean really... is this not a billion dollar view?
 A glorious selection from the appetizer buffet table, followed by fresh linguine with vegetables and green tomato sauce.
The dessert buffet with tea, and myself and Wave-chan being mysterious (but mostly really, really full).


  1. share house sounds like fun if you get into the right house :)
    that restaurant looks amaaaaaazing!! the view aloe is to die for! and what great weather it looks like you had!! id love to try that place sometime too~

  2. You have not only a garden, but a LARGE garden? OK, that's it, the green-eyed monster has attacked me. Hmph.

    PS: Definitely worth a billion dollars.

  3. I've always wondered about living in share houses. I had room-mates back in my stateside apartment, and really enjoyed myself. My friend and I used to throw themed movie-dinner-parties (that sounds weird, but thats what it was). Plus she was a night owl like me lol
    In conclusion, living with only a husband can be really boring~ lolol

    I am envious of your delicious buffet too. All that bread.. I really shouldn't be looking at this in the middle of the night when I have no snacks.. D:

  4. A shared house experience sounds fun! Is it usually single sex or do they have married and mixed gender homes?

  5. The company of other people, who share the similar experience of living as a foreigner in Japan, can be quite nice!! Heehee, but of course, one can only choose the location, not necessary the people with who they'll share an apartment. It can be a bit of a gamble :P

    - Greetings from Tokyo~