Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let the Festivities begin.... (oy vey)

December has landed, with its usual accountrement of bounenkai, Christmas parties, weddings, more bounenkai and the general rushing around one must do before the winter holidays.
I tried to plan it all out, to balance the fun (but tiring) carousing with restorative walks in the park... it is only December 5th, and that plan is already out the window!
Still, things kicked off well. The Hash House Harriers Christmas Party was a blast. I somehow got awarded 'Best Trail', complete with personalized t-shirt and two kilos of baby carrots I am trying to find a use for. We took over the New Sanno Hotel, which is entirely owned by the US Armed Forces, and provides a very strange little bit of America in the middle of Tokyo. Go if you ever have the opportunity, it is a rather surreal experience.
Amidst all this rushing, Matcha-kun informed me that we were going out for kushikatsu. Of course, I was completely uninterested and reluctant, as I hate all delicious deep-fried things (right...). Upon arriving at Kushitei, I was immediately seized by a sense of deja-vu. Our first date had been at their Ebisu branch. Apparently Matcha-kun remembers times and dates, which is more than I can say for myself.
The omakase course is fantastic, everything was delicious, and sometimes graced by special yuzu or pesto sauces. I may have ordered 3 sticks of cheese and pesto...and enjoyed every second of it. Kushi and spumante make a wonderful combination :)
Let us all try to get to our Christmas/New Years vacations alive!


  1. Yeah, December is fun, but exhausting! I have one party this weekend, two next weekend, and after that.... I can't remember! I hope I make it to New Year with trousers I can still get into!

    1. I know,right? I am just trying to stay healthy, as I am famous for getting sick during holidays (*_*)

  2. What a romantic guy that Match-kun :D kushikatsu sounds so good right about now too (i really shouldn't be checking out food at 6am :v)
    try not to get too exhausted ;o; especially with the cold wind that's been blowing around~~♪

    1. Dude, you have access to Shinsekai, which has some of the best (and cheapest) kushi I have ever had ^ ^