Monday, October 14, 2013

We Interrupt This Programme

My apologies for the lack of updates and pictures of delightful food. Right at the moment I am focusing on issues within the world of work and thinking of THE FUTURE (dun dun DUN!).
But seriously, as this goal involves the time, effort and kindness of a lot of other people, I firmly believe in focusing on it with all my (considerable) determination.*

Once out of the woods I will be back with regular awesomeness about Tokyo and environs. In the meanwhile, as stress relief on trains and a way to boost my social media skills, you can find me doodling about on this page:

*NB: THE FUTURE in no way means a wedding or other such fluff. Just FYI.**

** NBB: Not that there is anything wrong with weddings (or fluffyness), just not Ms. Godzilla's cup of matcha.***

***NBBB: Asterisks are so awesome!


  1. Woo! Tumblr!

    *Good call on the asterisks. That wedding dress post does prompt one to wonder ;)

    1. Really? Even after ripping apart the entire institution of weddings?
      Also, seriously woo easy and addictive

    2. It'll probably be about fifteen years before people stop automatically assuming any dramatic announcement mean wedding/baby. The world has some really narrow expectations for women.