Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fall in Tokyo(ish): Rikugien, Kawagoe and Mukojima Hyakkaen

All I can say is, I hope ya'll like autumn leaves... because fall foliage is on the menu today! 

As my parents were in town (and due to the persnickety weather) I didn't have quite as much time as usual to run around the various parks and indulge in my love for koyo. However, what parks we did manage to visit were splendid.

I am particularly pleased with several of the shots taken in Rikugien. Matcha-kun, my parents and myself managed to get there during the golden hour, when the setting sun and fog made the whole place magical.
The two pictures below are from the little known Mukojima Hyakken. It is a very small garden, but the combination of the actual trees, lamp posts and Sky Tree is quite lovely.


  1. Wow just wow! I really want to go to Rikugien. Hopefully, I can make it there.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am jealous that you managed to go to so many parks, - I was so busy that I could only visit two parks to enjoy the autumn leaves,- and now winter is already there ;(

  3. Wow, your photography is very beautiful! The colors for japanese fall are out of this world! thanks for sharing!

    P.S seeing your parents must be nice! Is this there first time meeting matcha-kun?

    1. Hi LLL,

      Glad you enjoyed the pics!
      Yup, it was the first face to face meeting (^_−)−☆