Monday, July 23, 2012

There is no place like home

I love the sound of the Asakusa line trains as they pull out of the station. It sounds like a rising scale, being played on some odd bronze-coated cello.... which probably makes no sense to anyone else.
It is pretty cool that certain stations have their own specific leitmotifs, although they probably drive the station employees crazy. Komagome is a sped up version of 'Sakura', and Takadanobaba the Atom theme song. several others have 'I've been Working on the Railway'. Here and there you can hear bits of folksongs, children's songs etc..

It is comforting to hear these familiar sounds on a train home, after two months of business trips, private travel and overseeing events for work.

Spending a relaxed weekend is so basic yet so (duh!) relaxing. Thermae Romae (50% half naked Abe Hiroshi, 45% silly humor, 5% plot) and a few glasses of cava and paella on Saturday. Gym and then kaiten sushi with T-chan on Sunday, followed by a fresh haircut in Jiyugaoka. An enjoyable, if sun-less weekend, as the cool weather has chilled everyone out, a break from summer. Sometimes I forget how nice it can be to laze a bit, and truly enjoy day to day things.

Perhaps it is a sign of age, but chilling at home is now equally entertaining as a night on the town. I have this odd feeling that many people have a 'resting age rate'. Everyone has a resting heart rate (the rate your heart beats at when doing regular things), as well as a resting weight (what you tend to weigh most of the time) or the famous resting hair state (hair always seem to return to a basic shape if left alone!). I have always been told I act older than I am, which is probably true... I have a feeling my 'resting age rate' is in my mid-thirties, and I still have to catch up with it...

Okay, enough rambling now, and I hope everyone has the chance to truly relax this weekend :)


  1. Okaeri nasai!

    I'm particularly fond of Asakusa Line trains too, especially when they slooowly crawl around that very sharp curve just outside the station, and then rumble across the river towards Sky Tree. Happiness.

    I think my resting age rate is sharp-elbowed obachan age. Can't wait to finally get there.

  2. Thats pretty cool that certain stops have their own chime. I don't think any stations on Kintetsu, Hanshin or the municipal subway have special chimes.. It would make it easier to recognize your stop while sleeping lol

    I wanted to see Thermae Romae (mostly for the naked Abe), but I'm saving up for Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and Avengers. Movies are so expensive.... ;3;

    Sometimes it is truly nice to sit at home with a cool beverage and a book and just chill. Also, it's usually much too hot in the house to do anything else :) lol