Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weekdays Away: London, Madrid and Segovia

Regent's Park on a sunny British late afternoon, with a slight breeze and soft grass under my feet is one of my favorite places to be. Having lived there during my Masters, it feels enough like home that I can navigate with no problem, and do not feel like I need to rush around seeing the sites.

The British 'summer' is actually glorious for runners, as the breeze keeps your body temperature stable, while the warmish air and sun keep muscles from seizing up. Truly, when the weather is nice, London is one of the most amazing cities in the world, and my runs and walks here are always fun.

As usual, Londoners seem completely nonplussed about the upcoming Olympics. A few PSAs and decorations around the city are visible, but they are not freaking out.

On this business trip I also ended up in Madrid and Segovia, which could certainly give London a run for its money, and reminded me of how incredibly beautiful Europe can be. While blazing hot during the day, as the sun starts to lower the warm breeze is like silk across your skin.

After a long day of meetings and rushing around, there is nothing better than a glass of sangria... and perhaps some gazpacho or dinner at a drop-dead gorgeous Venezuelan restaurant. Oh yum.

After returning to London, I got the chance to have dinner at the Royal China Club with StingRay, a friend from grad school. While pricy, it was really interesting food (vegetarian Peking duck or faux Szechuan chicken, anyone?) and so much fun to meet up with him again, and discuss travel plans to Hong Kong and Beijing in the near future!

As grateful as I am for this opportunity to go back to Europe, I am exhausted. Despite having been on innumerable flights, I still really dislike planes, and the rushing about involved is tiring. Thank goodness I could work from home today!


  1. As much as I love Tokyo and my life in this city, I look at photos like yours and get very nostalgic and ask myself, for 4.3 seconds, why I'm here and not there. Though my doubt only lasts for 4.3 seconds. ^^

    Have a good return flight. Remember, umeshu awaits! ^^

  2. oh how awesome to get to duck out of tokes for a little bit to see the world! im getting tired of the muggy tokyo weather!!