Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sit. Stay.

My lower back (or so I thought) has been really bothersome recently. I took 3 days off (no running, gym or yoga), assuming it would chill out. Nope!

So, off to the seikotsuin (or better yet in English, the bonesetter's), who told me I do not have sciatica, but rather something going on with the hip and rotor joint... after poking and prodding and digging his thumbs into bits of bone I never realized existed. Ouch. Since my reaction to this kind of pain is to laugh (weird, I know), the poor osteopath was a bit bemused.

The verdict: no running for another 5 days, a series of stretches throughout the day, and another session of pokies (which thanks to Japanese insurance, it is only 1300 yen!).

Admittedly, I am currently hobbling about with the approximate grace of a drunk turtle (and the same speed), but the 'no running' bit is really hard. Exactly how am I supposed to get my endorphin fix?

This is what I get for signing up and looking foward to a race... even this gourd feels sorry for me!

It is actually painful to walk, and even shifting my weight can make me buckle. So I walk slooowly. And take the kakueki train so that I do not get jostled or leaned on, and maybe even get to sit. Which takes forever. And get up and turn carefully. Seriously, being injured takes up so much time!


  1. "Exactly how am I supposed to get my endorphin fix?"

    But my dear woman ... CHOCOLATE!

    Take care, get well soon, and carry crutches. Not to assist with walking, but to clobber rude commuters.

    1. Hahaha! You know, I was wondering why all of a sudden I started having intense chocolate cravings... you have solved that mystery!

  2. Good gracious kami... a fellow runner!

    *wave hi*

    Get better soon.