Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ready? Set. GO!

The wind rushes past me in the morning, almost as if it might miss the train to work. It brings the lingering scent of ripe persimmons and a freshness very much welcome in these un-autumnly warm mornings.

After the relative quiet and leisurely work pace of the summer, it is a little bit difficult to readjust to the busier schedules of the autumn and winter. In addition to my actual job, I also do some freelance writing for a magazine, along with some music work. Infact, in early November I will have my first on-stage koto performance in Japan, so looots of rehearsals with the ensemble.

Oh yeah, and a social life and all that. I try to keep up with everything, but with all the various nomikai, meet ups, dates and general rushing about, sometimes even that is tiring. So I go hide at Lu's Cafe (yes, again) and scarf down some of their new menu items, such as the highly satisfying tomato and mushroom omraisu, while curling up in the big leather chairs.

Still, I can't help but look forward to the next couple months. Nabe and oden make their appearance once again, as does the plethora of delicious autumn foods like matsutake mushrooms, pumpkin, new rice and various sorts of sake. Soon the leaves will change colour, and we will be able to spend hours wandering under the beautiful trees, bathed in that special (and highly flattering) soft light.

And it means new clothes! All the running, yoga and weight-training have shrunk me down a bit, so a lot of my clothes are now too big. So, off to Uniqlo, where I discovered I now fit into their pants, (this is a big deal, people!), and promptly snapped up some new jeans, skinny black pants and even turquoise shorts. Love it.


  1. Yes..!! Doing yoga in the cooler seasons = absolutely peace..! I'm also totally ready to break out the kotatsu. Lol

    Good luck with your performance (and other projects for that matter lol)!! Sounds really rad so I hope someone takes some video! :)

    And YAY shopping :3

    1. I totally want a kotatsu, but apparently none of my sharemates like them?! Weird people.
      Hopefully I will be able to film the concert, the piece we are playing is just too cool for words (^_^)

  2. Despite being distracted by glorious Japanese men (I thoroughly approve of your addition to the list), I remembered your bad back and popped in to check how you are.

    So. How's your back?

    PS: Good luck with your rehearsals! I would've said "break a leg" but that's perchance not a good idea when talking to a runner.

    1. Hahaha, it is important to enjoy the man candy :)

      My hip has healed, so hopefully the race later this month will go off without a hitch ;p

  3. Uniqlo is about the only place in Japan that I can find pants/skirts that can actually be pulled up to my hips. ;p


    Just giving you a holler to tell you that I'm gonna use your "good gracious kami" with total abandon. Thanks! ;p

    1. Hi Iina!
      Thanks for taking time to read, and feel free to use my expressions all you want (*^^*)