Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Japan: Odd as ever

Okay, I know a lot of people are going to be disappointed by this news, but unfortunately the ginormous 14 v. 14 Christmas Eve goukon was cancelled at the last moment! And to think I was getting all excited about listening to 27 jikoshoukai, darn it.

However, it turned out to be just as well. Another sharehouse (that is somewhat linked to mine) was throwing a huge party, and so I went over with a few sharemates. I must admit, I am impressed by how KFC has managed to make fried chicken a requirement for any Christmas party in Japan! While chatting with all the nice people, one of the guys mentioned he was going to a R&B club afterwards. He asked if I wanted to tag along with him and his friend, since he had an extra invite, and I jumped at the chance. Ever since the rise of trance 'music', I have stopped going to clubs, since I can't stand the stuff.

Opera is a lounge in Roppongi, and the DJs were top notch. The clientele is a bit older and more upscale than Shibuya, and quite friendly. So, I spent Christmas Eve dancing to old school R&B until 5am with a glitter heart on my cheek (courtesy of one of the girls I met), and joking around with some of the braver guys. I would recommend showing up around midnight, since it takes a while for people to relax enough to start dancing!

The following morning started with great drama, as T-chan's boyfriend had cancelled their Christmas Eve plans at the very last moment. Reason: unknown. So I tried to talk to her, but of course anything I say doesn't match up with the information she has been fed her whole life. She herself realizes that her habit of giving up the rest of her social life the moment she gets a boyfriend is bad, but then goes in circles saying trying new things is mendokusai... there is just no helping some people. So I took her off to ShinYokohama, to get her mind off things (although she bought a book, the title of which is, I swear: 'How to make the boyfriend you love want to marry you'...oy), before meeting up with Matcha-kun.

Very clever young man that he is, he picked up on the fact that an over-the-top, overly oshare Christmas would be uncomfortable for me (since I would have liked to go home, but can't for obvious reasons). While the first part of the date went the traditional way of Christmas here, we then went to see the lights at Akarenga in Yokohama. Very pretty, but also very cold! Dinner was at Sparta, one of the first Greek restaurants in Japan. Certainly an odd choice for a Christmas dinner, but I was impressed by their dolma, and even more so by the fact that Matcha-kun ate them without (too much) trepidation. It was a nice, low-key evening, although he did break the 'no-presents' promise (but chose well, I love L'Occitane's scents).

In just a few days the New Years holidays will start, but my more pressing concern is what should I get him?! Perhaps a pocket square (he has an unusual style)?


  1. Sounds like overall you had a good time :D Much different than back home eh? I kinda don't like Christmas that much here, but if you're with the right people... that's what counts.

    Awww, that's so sweet that he got you a present! Can't wait to see what you get him. Perhaps food? I've found that's always a hit with Kenjer XD

  2. Hi Caroline, both days were very fun, cheers!
    Hahaha, Kenjer's love of food must make your life quite a bit easier :) I think this time I should go with something non-edible though... in Italy you only give food presents to people you are not close to, so it would feel weird to give him an edible present ;p

  3. i wonder if i saw u at opera lol !! imma sending u a fb message hahah

  4. Are you kidding? That would be too crazy ;p

  5. Love that sunset shot..!:)
    Matcha-kun is such a sweetie and intuitive..! Sounds like it was a super romantic Christmas, though I feel bad for your friends :< Did she ever find out what was up with her bf??

  6. Sounds like a fun Christmas~ :)
    I really really don't understand where that whole KFC chicken thing started! It's so odd and not related to Christmas... but that is what Japan does best, after all, taking unrelated things and smooshing them together ;P

  7. Hi Alyse, it was a lot of fun.
    As for T-chan, she decided to just pretend it never happened... 'cause that is totally going to help things *eye roll*

    Indi, I need to study their marketing plan, perhaps I can increase my own sales the same way ;p

  8. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog! I added it to my RSS!! ^^ I'm "one of those" who comments on EVERYTHING!

    Wow, sounds like you had a great Christmas time!

    Sorry about your roommate not taking any advice. Sometimes you just gotta let them learn on their own, right? ^^ Oh jeeze, and she bought a "trick him into marrying you" book. Ahhh!

    Hmm.. What is a pocket square? I pondered over this a little, but can't figure it out.

    Ohh weird there's another Alyse here. When I saw you type "Hi Alyse" I freaked a little. It's not a common name!! :D Wow! The other Alyse must be beautiful, smart, funny, and just utterly amazing. ;D

  9. Wow, hi!
    A pocket square is the proper name for those folded hankerchiefs men sometimes wear in their jacket pockets.