Monday, December 12, 2011

Meetings in Moonlight, Dates in Sunlight

On Saturday the owner of my sharehouse put on the largest, craziest Christmas party you could imagine, including a barbecue in our garden! Oddly enough it actually turned out to be sunny and vaguely warm, thus making the whole thing an experience in cognitive dissonance. As the night progressed, we kept a watch on the sky, as the famous lunar eclipse drew everyone's attention away from the Christmas cake (and paella...and green curry...and giant, terrifying steaks.) But my attention was divided, as the guy I spent most of the evening talking to proved to be as fascinating as the celestial movements above.

Well under my height and 10 years older, on paper he is not my type. However appearing about 25, looking smoking hot in a tight sweater and jeans, and brimming with confidence (without going over to oresama-kei) are attributes that never go out of style. Tsuki-kun also speaks perfect English and has a gloriously sarcastic sense of humor. Not to mention that meeting on the night of an eclipse sounds like something out of a dorama or fantasy novel... While we did exchange numbers, I have a feeling this may just remain a 'two-ships-in-the-night' memory, and a very pleasant one at that.

Sunday was spent in Korakuen with (who else?) Matcha-kun, on another of what is rapidly becoming a series of epic dates.  Matcha-kun, by the way, is finding ever more elaborate and ninja-like ways of not letting me pay for anything (except tea, when I was too fast for him). I must admit, he is a seriously fascinating critter... for instance, he is the first Japanese person I have spoken with who actually knows what Star Trek is! (no judgement please).

After a quick lunch at Afternoon Tea, we spent the afternoon at Laqua, the famous onsen/day-spa/ganbanyoku near Tokyo Dome. The whole area is decorated for Christmas, with some spectacular illuminations and a beautiful merry-go-round. From the panoramic windows on the 6th floor, all flooded in sunlight, it made a lovely backdrop. Lounging on the variety of heated rocks was glorious, and both women and men can enter (provided you wear the cute little spa outfits, of course). While pricey, Laqua is such a wonderfully relaxing place on a chilly winter day, kind of like walking into a giant Aveda salon. Post-onsen we took in the illumination displays, in particular a glittering corridor, sparkling in rather un-Christmassy pop colours.

For dinner we moved over to Meguro, as he gentlemanly chose a place equidistant between our two stations. From a few hazy memories, I managed to find a tiny Italian restaurant I passed years ago... that was (naturally) closed. But no matter, hidden just out of sight we came across La Maison D'Ami, an incredibly authentic French bistro with a kilometric wine list. Over raclette, cassoulet and a rather impressive Medoc, we discussed the joys of secret restaurants, Proust (!) and old Italian films (!!). The date ended with the most chaste little kiss (!!!).

He has definitely gotten my full attention, but I am still not sure what to make of him. My gut feeling is good, and I have yet to find anything bad about him, but can't help wondering if I am missing something here... Does anyone have experience with this kind of situtation?



  1. Don't ask for bad habits/tics/stuff to materialize (I promise they will on their own haha)! Enjoy your dates drinking wine and talking about Italian films~

  2. Hahaha, I know that, but it is kind of hard to believe this dude is real!

  3. Felt like that at the beginning with the now-bf. Still dating him ;) Enjoy it!

  4. Thanks Maha, that is reassuring! :)

  5. The eclipse was amazing, wasn't it?! I was at an uchiage in Nakano and was luckily dragged out to see it :)

    Jealous of your cute dates! But I agree with everyone else. He sounds genuine so have fun~

  6. Hi Indi, it really was amazing, I love anything vaguely astronomy related :)
    Also, isn't Nakano fun? It is such a cool place!

    Also, I really like this new system... dating by consensus ;P

  7. Wow, that sounds like it was awesome-tastic party. I miss going to parties and just hanging out with people. I once got some instant ramen from a neighbor if that kind of counts... Lol

    Sounds like things are going well with Matcha-kun ;) Shota used to do things like that before we get married.. Now I have to remind him how chivalrous he used to be Lol Matcha-kun sounds like a genuine type though, so you shouldn't have that problem ;D

    That's a cute light tunnel btw! Not really Christmas-y like you said, but attractive nonetheless lol

  8. Alyse, if you were in Tokyo I would invite you to the next one!

    Cheers, our text message exchanges are a bit odd through. I offered to cook for him (at his place) and he said: oh, but my apartment is so small and messy...
    What guy says no to that offer?

  9. Haha, he sounds like Kenjer when we first started dating. I NEVER paid for anything and now that we're all old and getting married he's like 'you pay this time' at me EVERY TIME XD Uhhhhh. But yes enjoy it :D And if he does start to... not really change, but just not act quite as attentive, and chivalrous, then it just means he's getting even MORE comfortable with you :)

    TOKYO DOME CITY!!!!!! Omg I need to go see the lights there so badly. That is my most FAVORITE area of Tokyo. And LaQua *___*

  10. Hi Caroline!
    Lets hope so, trying to sneak around him to pay for stuff is too complicated;p
    The lights were pretty awesome :) You may also like Ebisu Garden place then!

  11. oooooo he sounds lovely! :) and i love his little nickname!!

    i miss dating and the illusive not knowing what's next! xx

  12. Oh I don't know, even people you know well can be surprising ;p