Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sneaky Saturdays and Sundays

Peak season at work= slightly frazzled Miss Godzilla.

I made a promise to myself that I would not let work take over my life and, for the most part, I have kept it... except this weekend, when I had to work on Sunday.

Nonetheless, I've made sure to carve out time for a social life, sports (fencing is the only reason I would get up before 7am on a Saturday) and of course, Matcha-kun. Oh yes, Matcha-kun is still very much alive and well, and as gentlemanly as always (although he has chilled out considerably, besides the odd gift of really amazing chocolate... I'm afraid even I can't argue with chocolate).

We went to see the new Genji Monogatari movie a week or so ago. It is definitely a complicated interpretation, mixing the tale itself and Murasaki Shichibu's life, in a gloriously colorful bit of Heian magical realism. I am actually rather well informed about Genji's various flings, as I am currently studying a collection of koto pieces based on them, and liked how they treated the stories in the movie. However, one thing was extremely distracting... the bloody hats, that they never took off, even to sleep (or sleep around)! Eventually we both ended up giggling at each new awkward hat moment.

With ninja-like sneakiness, he somehow managed to not let me pay for anything (again...), from tickets to dinner to accommodation, even purikura! Men should not be treated like wallets (a thought which has yet to make much headway in this country), so I had to resort to extreme tactics.

This time around, I made reservations at a little Israeli restaurant in Hiroo/ Ebisu, and wandered over through the intriguing side streets  to pay ahead of time, so that the wonderfully friendly and cooperative owner would just have to give me the change (very high sneak-level here).

For those seeking proper falafel, hummus and other such goodness, the quest ends here. The falafel at Ta-im are dreamy, crunchy on the outside but soft and full of flavour on the inside, without being floury. It is a tiny place, where you sit at the counter and chat with the owner as he doles out glorious babaganoush and shakshuka, occasionally passing out free pickled hot peppers. These are tastes of home for me, as my mother makes Middle Eastern food at least once a week, and was thrilled that Matcha-kun (who had never had it before) really liked it as well. Since it is a very pleasant ten minute walk from my station, I shall be back!


  1. that food does look so good~! i looove middle eastern food too!
    you are very sneaky ;)

  2. Hahahaha that's the best idea ever!!

    I'll have to check that place out next time I'm in Tokyo~ I do love me a good falafel. :)

  3. It is really amazing. I had felt kind of out of sorts all day, and afterwards I was at peace with the world :)

    It could also have something to do with the look of surprise on his face when the change appeared, sooo funny!

  4. I am literally bowing 180 degrees and thanking you for recommending a good place with hummus. or just a place with hummus!! i've been wanting it ever since i left hawaii :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. That food.. looks so good.. ;o; I haven't had any Middle Eastern food since I left D.C., and I do looove hummus! I'll definitely have to check this place out if I get up to Tokyo :3
    Glad to hear you and Matcha-kun are doing well..!! That Genji movie is the one with Ikuta Toma right?? I really want to see that! I tried reading that novel back in college (didn't finish before I changed schools) then I watched a few eps from the anime (which I thought was really good), but I didn't finish that either. I think I'm seeing a trend... Lol

  6. Hi Monica :)
    It is really good, and the area is kind of quirky too.
    Also, you could look up Middle Eastern markets in Tokyo, and make it from scratch (sooo easy)

  7. Alyse,
    the movie is about 2.5 hours long, so you should probably be able to get through it ;p

  8. I'll do that! thanks! i actually checked it out (on the map) and it's a little far from every station D:

  9. Really? It was a less than 10 minute walk from Ebisu... but I guess it depends what you consider far ;p