Monday, January 21, 2013

-2 Karma Points

Once a week I hit up my hot yoga studio, to combine a tough workout with a mental scrubbing. The fact that the room is deliciously hot is a big plus as well.

Depending on the teacher, the music and atmosphere will be a bit different. N-sensei prefers no background music, and instead does some vedic chanting at the beginning and end of the session herself. Some of the more old-school instructors use Adiemus, and others seem to like gamelan music.

The other day the soundtrack started off fine, semi-decent new-agey music. As we started moving through the Sun Salutation there was a kind of squeal mixed in. A couple positions later there was giggling, and I started to have a sense of foreboding. The chattering and squealing soon after confirmed my fears: babies' voices had been added into the music.

Why?! How in heaven's name is that relaxing in any way? It will distract those who have or want children (apparently it is an instinctive response) and is disturbing and irritating to those of us lacking maternal instincts.

I was hoping that the yoga class was going to help me unwind, but I ended up leaving more wound up than a cuckoo clock and eating an entire bag of crisps.... (okay, so that was my own choice, whatever.)


  1. That's just odd. I have trouble not laughing when people snore or fart in yoga (it happens, it really does) but at least those are natural occurences. I'd have been pretty freaked out too, in which case crisps would be a necessity.

    1. Thank you for validating my response ^_−☆
      It was truly weird, I hope it doesn't become popular background music!

  2. Baby voices?! How is that calming? It just makes me feel on edge. I've heard some people use baby voices as a mobile/cell phone ring. What on earth...? Honestly. If you don't mind, I'd like to post this to a childfree forum. Is that OK?

    1. People are weird.
      Feel free to post it anywhere ^_−☆

  3. I'm finally doing my usual late-week catching up with blogs and fellow grumpy women. :p

    I have no maternal instincts. Zip zero zilch nada nothing. (Ja ja ja, "it's different when it's your own", but I'm glad I've never been in a position to prove/disprove that.) Baby giggles would seriously disturb my chakras.

    I already dread bawling babies on the 26-hour flight to South Africa next month ...

  4. Yay for the grumpy lady club, I am a big fan.
    26 hours in a plane sounds awful, make sure you bring lots of music, books and maybe a few tranquilizer darts