Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekends of Excitement, Weekends of Illness

Karma seems to have caught up with me. After going 'woohoo, I am super healthy', my immune system has decided to teach me a lesson. First labyrinthitis and now a 38.6 °C fever and sore throat. Right in the middle of peak business season too *sigh*
But before all this medical drama, I got to do a few of my favorite things.Matcha-kun invited me to one of his group's smancy dinners, and then to a Mozart concert as well.  Getting all dressed up for fancy events and dinner is always fun. Recently I have been working on moving towards a more vintage look, and my new faux-fur swing coat is the cat's pajamas.
I then spent Saturday in Nasu with Hippy-chan and Nats-chan, running around taking pictures in the snow, checking out vintage stores and going to an awesome onsen in the mountains. Not only did it have a (cough) unusual bit of decor near the entrance, but we got to soak in the hot water while also being snowed on. So cool.
We were supposed to go skiing the next day, and I had been looking forward to it for weeks. But of course, despite the weather being perfect, my immune decided that it was the right time to break down, so I left early. Le sad. Now to go drink another liter of Pocari...


  1. That whole outfit is lovely, very nice for a Mozart concert.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Glad to hear you and Matcha-kun are doing well :) It's unfortunate about your cold (? sickness?? )though :< And allergy season is supposed to start up soon too. Oh noes..
    What were they playing at the Mozart concert?? :3 He's my favorite composer! Symphony No. 25 in G minor always gets the blood going lol

    Looove that vintage look! Tea length dresses are so chic! :)

    1. The concert was great, they played the overture to the Marraige of Figaro, then Jupiter and a piano concerto