Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brief Ode to a Scarf

I LOVE this scarf.

I have a thing for scarves in general (and coats... and boots... can you tell I don't like being cold?), but this one is special.

My aunt (who is not my actual aunt, but as close as one gets in a line of only-children) gave it to me several years ago. She has flawless, expensive taste, and you can imagine my joy at owning a piece of Missoni knitwear.

I do not believe that expensive brand name clothing necessarily equates with style, but original Missoni knits are amazing, because they go with everything. Literally. Even their wildest colour combinations have this magical way of picking up the colours of the other clothes you are wearing, or (more cleverly) skin tone and hair colour. Again, love this scarf!

I only wear it for slightly special occasions, for instance koto lessons (outfit on the left) or momiji-viewing dates (outfit on the right and below).

The next few posts are going to be filled with autumn foliage, both from the epic 9-hour momiji date (!) last Sunday, and the up-coming weekend in Nikko with some friends. I hope everyone else is enjoying fall, wherever they may be!


  1. The way it's pinned in that last photo is super cute and it looks so nice against the green in your jacket! :)

  2. Thank you! The pin is oh so very seasonally appropriate ('cause you know, they have 4 seasons here ;p)

  3. lovely~! it looks like a good staple piece! and i love the way it goes with the whole look of the last pic!

  4. Hi Sarah Marie, thanks! Matcha-kun totally agreed with you ;p

  5. thats a super pretty scarf! i like scarves that go with everything!!! :)


  6. Thanks! I loved the leopard print one you made, so crafty!