Friday, November 4, 2011

Once an addict, always an addict

A nail addict, that is.

Oh, I promised myself that I would stop, give up the Biogel habit. My starting salary at The Office is not exactly large, and a full set of sparkly, individually decorated gel nails is not cheap. And yet, courtesy of this post from Tokyo Kawaii Etc, I found myself once again falling into the wonderful fragrant embrace of an Aveda salon, in the ever oshare Jiyugaoka.

Which is where I spent 2 hours with the lovely Ms.Lena last week, who is from Hungary and has studied nail art in Sweden. The Aveda salon where she now works requires extra training (although her work is already perfect!), so I had the great pleasure of being one of her nail models. She has excellent taste, and created a special pearly pink/gold colour for me... of course, I could not resist getting at least a couple nails covered in gold dust!

She is looking for more nail models, so anyone interested please let me know in the comments.

Walking the elegant, leafy streets back to the station, to go on to Okurayama and apply for my alien registration card, out of nowhere: Venice!

In other news, my koto teachers keep on getting smaller and smaller.

YY-sensei was about 1.65m, the wonderful YS-sensei around 1.59m and now K-sensei, who cannot be more than 1.50m. Comparatively I am indeed Ms.Godzilla. Also, what happens if I have to switch teachers again?


  1. I really like your blog! I'm also a single young woman working in Tokyo. (maybe not quite a miss godzilla at 1.65m?)
    I totally understand what you mean about gel nails (I'm taking a break now because continuously putting them on and off made my nails really weak). But I'd like to be a nail model maybe in a few weeks?

  2. Hi there~
    You can e-mail Lena at The price is about 2800 yen, but her work is really superb. Also, because it is modelling for training purposes, you will not be able to choose exactly what style you get done, although of course colours are up to you ;)

  3. thanks! will make a note of this!