Saturday, November 5, 2011


Life has been rather hectic, since the share house I was supposed to move into is not finished yet (however, yay for brand new buildings). So, I have been commuting from Shin-Yokohama (where the building owner rented a room for me and T-chan, who also had no place to stay), which adds a good deal of stress in the morning, since norikae are not exactly my favourite thing in the world.

Nonetheless, today makes for exactly one successful week at The Office.

I have not been yelled at, accidentally insulted anyone due to my shaky keigo or deleted any un-recoverable documents.

I have hung out at ridiculously expensive hotels, met a lot of very interesting people and learned how to use Excel.

     Jacket: Elizabeth and James, scarf: Missoni, shirt and pant: The Limited, shoes: Michael Kors, bag: Furla

It was a rather odd week, and I have ridden more taxis in three days than in the last three years. I went along with my boss to do a sales pitch in Shinagawa, and got to eat great vegetarian sushi on the 46th floor of the company's very tall, very shiny building, overlooking the Imperial Palace. Then for a MBA fair event I got to spend two evenings in the New Otani, the over-the-top decor of which still seems to be very Bubble-era. However, on the less oshare side, the boss took me to a live music dive in Shinjuku, to watch a friend of hers perform. I was fine with it, but she looked like she would prefer to be anywhere else.

Food-wise it has been either feast or famine. I didn't have a kitchen (or time) and so my own hurriedly eaten lunches (when I remembered to eat) were from the cheapest side of the combini. 

Oh, but the business dinners... wow. Tohoku-style cuisine in Shinjuku (before hitting up the live-house) with some of the best sake I have ever drunk in my life. The aforementioned 'sky sushi' in Shinagawa. And finally a strange but beautiful izakaya in Aoyama (seemingly run by guys who may moonlight as hosts a couple stations over), whose delicately fried satoimo and ume-ochazuke I will dream of for years to come.

Let's just hope these perks make up for the hours and hours spent in front of Excel sheets...


  1. mmm some of that food looks so delish~!! i think i need some sushi now~~~
    you look cute! love the business chic ;)

  2. Haha, cheers :) I'm pretty much stuck in business attire for most of the week ;p